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Personallity: Quite, kind, shy, hyper, and spontanious.

Likes: Music, art, gaming, reading, programming, and helping others.

Dislikes: Rap, Call of Duty, Grand Theift auto, Capcom, trolls, pererts, and being held back.

Color scheme-


Eyebrows: Plain blue.

Eyes: Ocean blue.

Nose fur line dark blue.

Furr: Sun yellow

Hair: Ocean blue

Tatoos : 1993 with 2 lines under neath. 1993 is basic blue and, the two underlines is blood red.

Collar: Light blue.


Pants: The first, layer is dark brown leather with a dark black layer near the knees.

Shirt: Black leather in the middle from middle to center 1/6 of the coat length. The rest or layer 1 of it is plain brown leather.

Boots: Plain black with blue soles. Alternative is dark brown with Indian designs of wolves .


Food: Hamburger with rice and, chicken rice.

Drink: V8

Cloths: Pop western cowboy.

Item: His sky blue scarf.

Main job: Working at a local ranch to help produce dairy products and, help teach guitar.

Goal: To someday prove furries arn't bad and, work hard. To be the first, english anthro Vocaloid.

Utau specifications-

Voice provider: Dionn Runk Vocal types: Bass aria and, Mezzo-soprano. Flag: B50Ng+0Y100 Info: Vocal type: Soft, light, and emotional vocals. Basic vocals

Don't use any resampler beside utau resamplers 1, 10, efg/ efb , and and eternal blizzard force. Never use custom or, premade render vocal setting/ codes with him. He won't use them. If you use ust premade he will imitate the origional utau or, Vocaloid. He will only have public vcv and, vccv voicebanks when enough support. I'm not gonna be a free hand me out person. You wan't free stuff like my model.


You my NOT be use in sexual content material or, anyway you want. Your only allowed to use in max pg13 content. Just note you may not claim Zannon koitsu as you'rs. Give credit to me. Or, at least link back here if you want to help or, give me credits.



deviantart: dionn12345678910

furafinity: sotamusara

youtube: dionnrunk

Model and, vb download is here: [3]


Voicebank here: